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Stock packaging is popular for customers who want immediate delivery as needed with minimal inventory investment in packaging products. Because of the large inventory in our 300,000 Los Angeles distribution center, you can order stock products today and pick up the same day or receive delivery tomorrow. Our high in-stock rate lets you utilize our inventory as if it were yours.

In our main distribution center, we stock all of the following product lines for your convenience. Delivery is just a phone call away!

  • Boxes and Mailing Containers: Includes stock corrugated boxes — we stock 1600 sizes of corrugated boxes. The popular styles include RSCs, die cuts, sheets, moving and storage boxes, bulk shipper containers, and wine shippers, to name just a few. Our inventory of standard size "stock" corrugated boxes is among the largest in the western United States. This allows Acorn to meet the recurring and unexpected needs of its customers that use stock boxes.
  • Bags and Mailers: Includes poly bags and other poly products, padded shipping mailers.
  • Cushioning: Includes air bubble, rolled polyethylene foam, and loosefill cushioning.
  • Stretch film: For hand or machine application, in standard or micron styles.
  • Tapes: Includes carton sealing tape (pressure sensitive and water activated) and industrial tapes, including masking, filament, duct, and miscellaneous tapes.
  • Labels: Includes all common shipping labels.

All of the above stock packaging products are in addition to our stock janitorial and sanitary supplies. If you don’t see a particular product, make sure to ask your Acorn sales representative about other products that are available in stock.

For more information, please contact your Acorn Sales Representative.



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