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Acorn Paper Products has everything for your shipping room needs. We carry a wide selection of tags, cutters and knives, tables and scales, packing list envelopes, damage indicators, edge protectors, staplers and staples, and more.

Our pressure sensitive packing list envelopes keep shipping documents clean and intact while in transit. These shipping envelopes protect invoices and shipping documents from dirt and moisture. Choose from either standard printed or non-printed packing list envelopes. We also offer different styles to choose from — back loading, top loading, open-end, recessed face, and special tape. All styles are packed in 1,000 per case.

Our line of inventory specific tags will make counting, classifying and tagging your inventory easier and more economical. Tags are available in several styles including tear off stub, two part and NCR. We also have an assortment of tagging systems and merchandising tags to meet your needs. From shipping tags to merchandise tags, we carry the most popular tags along with hard to find specialty tags.

Acorn also offers a full line of shipping indicators that will show when your shipment was handled improperly during transit. These products can measure shock, vibration, temperature, and humidity. Attach a Drop-N-Tell device to the inside of a package and spot concealed shipment damage at the time of delivery. Easily mounted, self-stick damage indicators display a blue arrow if the package receives a shock exceeding the specified G range. A Tip-N-Tell is a low cost device that registers when a package has been tipped even slightly or completely knocked over.

For more information on Shipping Room Supplies or for a quote, please contact an Acorn Certified Packaging Specialist.

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